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This is one of my favorite pictures.  I met Debbie in college.  She would tell me stories about how she and her husband Roger would go to an island every weekend to escape the city and relax.brasil day 2 010_10

I visited them in 2004.  They took me out on the boat to the other side of the island.  This is the first place we stopped at.  They anchored the boat far from shore and they swam to shore.  I sat in the boat and they watched me from shore.  They didn’t know I wasn’t a very good swimmer.  After 30 minutes, I decided to jump into the water.  I was going to either sink or swim.  It took me a long time to get to shore.  When I finally made it, Debbie says to me, “…when you didn’t swim to shore with us we thought maybe you didn’t know how to swim.”  I confessed and told her that I was a bad swimmer.  I was so exhausted so I had to grab onto her shoulders on the swim back to the boat.


At the next beach we stopped at, Roger stopped the boat a lot closer to shore!  Debbie is getting ready to drop the anchor.

brasil day 2 004_4

Roger and Debbie relaxing in a hammock.brasil day 2 016_16

We walked to a waterfall one day.  Debbie ‘s show fell apart.  The bottom part of the shoe delaminated from the top part.  So she walked the entire way without the tread part of the shoe.brasil day 6 005_5

When it was time to leave, we walked back to the car.  Roger had run low on gas when we got here so he told the parking attendant that if they find any gas for him, he would pay them.  There’s no gas station in the area.  Only other cars filled with gas.

brasil day 6 012_12

The next two picture were from my second trip to Brasil.  Debbie is holding her daughter Martina.IMG010

Roger with Martina.