New Years Eve 2012

Well…the world didn’t end, but it felt like it. I guess I’m now permanently living in San Francisco. My childhood friends Shin and Nori, who helped with the funeral, have returned to Japan and my cousin Mayuko is leaving tomorrow morning. Although my sister is nearby and older brother is a 5 hour plane ride away, I’m a little scared because now I’m responsible for my dad. It’s time to clean up a few loose ends in Portland.

I grew up here and it’s a lot different now. A lot more people are living in this city, and there’s a lot more cars. Yesterday, I took everyone to the Golden Gate bridge. I thought it was going to be an easy drive since it was sunday evening. I was wrong. Traffic was horrible. The sun had set before we had reached the other side. I decided to drop them off and told them to walk across the bridge and I would meet them on the SF side. Shin wasn’t really enthusiastic about the idea. Apparently when he was little he attempted a walk across the bridge but the wind was too heavy so he did not make it across. I told him it was only a 15 minute walk so he said ok. Tonight, he made it all the way across. He said, it was dark so he could not see the ocean which made it a lot easier. He says to me when I picked them up, “…that wasn’t 15 minutes.” oops.


Monday morning on Lombard street wasn’t that bad. I dropped Mayuko off at the top and told her I would meet her at the bottom. I thought traffic was going to be bad but I was able to find parking easily. (not a typo)


Alcatraz Island


Lombard Street. Mayuko is walking down the steps on the left side next to the house on the corner.



I love San Francisco, but when did parking and traffic get so bad. I don’t remember it being like this when I was growing up here. But it is what it is today because of tourism. Tourism is the main industry so without tourists, we wouldn’t have the cable cars, fisherman’s wharf, and some of the other great landmarks and restaurants in the city. The tradeoff, no parking and slow commutes. I get my tolerance gene from my mom.

My Christmas present. My friend Liv made me this christmas tree for my home in Oregon. This was my only Christmas gift this year. I love it. I haven’t had a christmas tree in a very long time. She’s a sweet girl. Two weeks after Sunkist disappeared, she found her meowing outside the patio door. Out of breath, she calls and says, “…she’s back!”

I’ve received letters of condolences from friends old and new. It’s times like this when one realizes the true value of the friendship. I prefer quality rather than quantity. That’s why I don’t have a lot of friends.