This story begins when i receive a phone call from Liv at 7pm wed night. “i think Sunkist fell out the bedroom window.” Sunkist is one of two cats i have. She’s orange and white. Very rare because most orange cats are male. I’m working in Fremont California at a customer site. Been here since October. I’ve been gone from home for too long. Sunkist found a way to dislodge the window screen from its track and she jumped out from the 3rd floor window. My house is on a hill so the 2nd floor opens onto the hill side. I think she escaped in order to try to find me. The last time Liv had seen her was Sunday. When she came back on Wednesday, Oreo was upset and led her to the window.

I decided to fly back to Portland to look for her. But on the way to the airport, i turned the car around and decided to drive to Portland instead. I drove all night and arrived at my house at 8:30am Thursday. I spent all day putting up flyers and calling into meetings at work. I decided to not return to California until Friday morning because someone called me and said there was a Sunkist sighting every morning at 6am in a green space nearby. But Sunkist was not there Friday morning so I decided to leave.

For my return to California, my friend agreed to help me drive back to SF. I was exhausted from my all night drive and I had conference calls all afternoon so having a second driver was a big help. It turned out that her roommate also was making a trip to SF for a job “pay negotiation” so she got a voucher for one way of her Amtrak ticket and decided go with us.

The following are some pics (not in chronological order).

Taking her turn to drive, Andrea smiles for a pic.  Andrea is from Alaska. She’s a wedding photographer with a natural gift for composing pictures.

Funny story. I was driving and she was having a phone conversation with her dad. I wasn’t paying attention when she said she needed a restroom break. Becky nudged me and said, “Andrea needs to pee.” Apparently, after her turn to drive, she has opened up a bottle of wine and had finished it.  We were on I-5 and we had just passed a truck stop and a rest stop. I could not see any lights outside. No towns ahead that i could see. So it was going to be awhile till we could stop. I exited the highway and planned to head back to the truck stop. “…you can stop here…I’ve lived in a log cabin without a bathroom…I’ll be ok”. So I pulled over and she got out and squatted in the bushes or tall grass. It was dark and I turned off the headlights. I didn’t know how far she ventured from the car. I feel bad. She’s definitely not the type of girl I would ever imagine walking out of the Alaskan bush…until now.



At a restaurant in Grants Pass.


Reading Anna Karenina in the car. Becky bought a flashlight so she could read her book.  She’s an avid reader.


Saints Peter and Paul Church at Washington Square Park in San Francisco.


Drinking coffee and reading a newspaper…


“NO! Order your own!” Becky exclaims as she pulls the plate away from me. The plate is blurry in the picture because she pulled it away so fast. I don’t know how I did it, but I got a taste. yummy!

00:05:45 = number of minutes it took Becky to finish the tiramisu. I think she could have finished a lot faster if she had actually put her phone down.

I have a bunch of pictures of Becky eating an artichoke. She was eating so fast i could not get one clean picture.

Me: “You were eating so fast every picture I took is blurry…look…not one clean picture!”
Becky: “that’s because each leaf only has a little meat on the ends…”.  In the picture below, she’s licking the sauce that’s dribbling down her arm.


Apparently this is her first ride on a cable car. With indignation she comments, “Only tourists ride the cable car…”


The driver yelled for me to get back onto the car because i was holding things up.


I accidentally misjudged the route so we did not get off at our stop and we ended up at the wharf.  Tonight, she secretly enjoyed her first cable car ride.  The cable car wasn’t packed with people which made this a more enjoyable experience.


This is the end of the cable car line.


Getting ready to see the 2nd half of the Nut Cracker at the War Memorial Opera House in SF. We got there late because we were shoe shopping so we missed the first half. This is my first Ballet and i really enjoyed it. Becky whispered the translation into my ear thru out the performance.


These shoes are the reason why we’re late for the ballet.  These are the same shoes we were going to replace before we went on the Hawaii trip a number of years ago.  Instead of buying practical walking shoes, she bought strappy shoes.  Three years later we’re at Macy’s in SF and I noticed that she still had the shoes.  I look at her shoes and say, “ahhh, are these the same shoes…”  I didn’t get to finish my sentence.  She snaps, “they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned!!!  I never want to throw them away.”  Every time I bring it up she gets angry.  I don’t mind if she keeps the shoes.  I just wish that she would sometimes buy what she needs instead of what she wants.


Singing a song….


Before we leave my parents house, she fixes her coat button with needle and thread.



Outside the De Young Museum. Can you see Becky in the picture? We saw the William S. Paley Collection of paintings and we also saw an exhibit of street photography by Danny Lyon. I enjoyed them both.

My task.  Take hat to hat store to have bow added.


I had a dream:

I was wandering around a neighborhood looking for my house. I couldn’t find it. Becky was following me and kept telling me it was this way. As we walked, snow began to fall lightly. The snow flakes seemed to sparkle like a million points of light. We stopped to watch the flakes fall from the sky. I looked down and she didn’t have any shoes on.

Becky said, ” I put them in the oven with the cookies to warm them up a little. I’m sleepy. We need to stay awake. We can’t fall asleep. We need to stay awake. Promise me we won’t fall asleep.”

As i carried her across the field, she whispered a song in my ear to keep us from falling asleep. It was dark but the snow flakes illuminated the path.

Dream ends.


Epilogue.  Years later I was sitting at a coffee shop near my house in SF one day.  The sun was close to setting and people were hurrying to the beach to get a glimpse.  Most of the time it’s cold, windy, and overcast.  But today was sunny, clear, and a perfect day to watch the sunset.  I texted Becky and posed the question, “…sunset or sunrise.”  She said she preferred sunrises.     At the time, I didn’t understand.