SF Giants

This is AT&T Park in San Francisco. Today I’m going to see a baseball game with my friends from work. This is a much needed break. I miss SF. If I had an opportunity to move back into the city, I would consider it.

Located south of Downtown San Francisco, AT&T park is one of the more beautiful baseball parks constructed. This game will be my second time at this ballpark.

Mark had scheduled a limo driver to pick us up at the Marriott Hotel close to LAM Research. Right to Left: Philipp, Ela, Wolfram, Alex, Barry, Michael, Me.

Chris showed up late…(Black T-Shirt)

…so Chris had to buy the beers.

Apparently, Wolfie is a beer expert. So he volunteered to help Chris. (I think everyone from Villach is a beer expert.) I tagged along to snap some pictures.

We are now ready to go to the ballpark where we will meet up with Bram, Mark, Phil, and John. I don’t remember what Michael is talking about in the next picture. I was in the middle of my first drink so I was already drunk. His beer is almost finished.

This is Barry. He works with me for Ichor. He has been travelling for half a year and has not been home much to see his wife. He didn’t want to go but I think he’s glad he changed his mind. I heard that the boys of Villach gently persuaded Barry to go with us. He has a great “hangover” story. Yes, just like the movie. Ask him about it.

I think the next pic was taken when Chris was attemping to explain “baseball”, the great american pastime. I’ve never seen Chris smile as much as he smiled tonight.

Suite 46. Third Base side. Owned by David S of Ichor. One of my earlier encounters with David was back in the day when I worked in Arizona. He had come to the office one night and had left a plastic bag with two cuban cigars on the counter. He had walked to the restroom as I entered the lobby so I did not know they were his. I picked one out of the bag and proceeded to light it up. No one there in the room told me they were his. They looked at me in shock. When David returned, he sees me with his cigar in my mouth, picked up the remaining cigar and asked if anyone else wanted it. I felt so bad…to this day, I feel embarassed about it and I hope that he doesn’t remember that incident.

He did not get mad. And to this day, the one lasting memory I have of David is that he’s genuinely a nice guy.

I wish I could have taken a straight picture…but hey…this is San Francisco. There’s not one level street in the city!

This is the view from the Suite.

Ela and Philipp. I don’t know how long they have been dating. Philipp has an interesting story about how they met. They were both at a friends birthday party and they both did not know anyone there except the person who invited them. They started talking and here they are today. I really like the composition of this picture.

This next picture was created using an iphone app called mobilemonet.


This is Mark watching the game with Ela. Earlier he was describing the game to Philipp and Ela. I’ve known Mark for over 16 years. He’s like a big kid. He loves to entertain people. Mark can say the most inappropriate joke and still make people laugh. His jokes have improved over the years.

One time in Austin Texas we took a road trip after work to South Padre island in the southern tip of Texas. I kept quiet for 99.9% of the trip. It was a 5-6 hour drive one way. Mark was deep in thought about something during the trip but he still did most of the talking. 5 years later I find out that he often likes to take people on road trips as a test to see if he wants to be their friend. Since we’re still friends, I can only conclude that he felt sorry for me. He tells me that I’m on his top 200 list. For me, that’s like my top 10 list. haha. He has more friends than me.

Left to Right: Ela, Philipp, Alex. Alex doesn’t drink. So you won’t find a beer in his hand. He works a lot too. Sometimes, late at night at the office, I can hear the clicking of his keyboard.

I like taking blurry pictures: Alex, Philipp, and Ela.

Left to right: Michael, Wolfie, Alex, Bram, Chris.

I think Bram is the biggest Giants fan in our suite tonight. If you can’t tell, he’s the one in the Giants cap and jersey. He really emerses himself into the game he’s watching. He’s very passionate when he watches a game. He’s a true fan of the Giants and of baseball. He invited me and Justin to his house one evening for a BBQ. He and his wife and daughter live in downtown San Jose next to a sorority. And yes…living next to a sorority is just like in the movies… Bram will confirm this statement to be true. Bram competes in BBQ competitions as a hobby and has won a few awards. By the way…the BBQ was fantastic that night.

Barry, John, Bram…Sun is still shinning. I think it was past 8pm when this picture was taken.

Michael and Wolfie enjoying hotdogs and beers. Michael came to the US shortly after Wolfie had to return home. Now Wolfie is back. Originally Michael was only supposed to be here for three weeks but was extended to 6. This is his last week in the US but he will be back again later this year. If you watch them interact at work, they are like Batman and Robin…Or maybe it’s Batman and Batman.

Barry and Phil.

Next pic: John, Phil, Barry. I wish I had a picture of what happened 10 seconds earlier. Phil is the VP of Engineering at Ichor. I’ve heard a few “Phil and Mark” stories over he years but there’s always two versions: Phil’s version and Mark’s version. They all start out the same but the stories always ends differently depending on who is telling it. What’s even more amazing is that the stories diverge at the same point. I have never experienced one first hand so I told Barry that he could see one unfold tonight.

Wolfie. I heard on a PBS program that Italian men will deliver or mail their laundry home to have their moms clean their clothes. I asked Wolfie about this and he confirmed this to be true because he would do the same thing but his mother eventually told him he had to learn how to do his own laundry. Wolfie is Austrian. But since Austria is close to Italy, he has adopted this custom.

Left to right: David (owner of the suite), Chris, Mark. Chris is actually smiling in this picture!

Left to Right: John, Bram, Phillip, Phil. John keeps telling me to record my actual hours. I’m a workaholic so only working a 40 hour week is tough for me. Sometimes when I work late, I will take a nap at the office. I just don’t feel like spending money for a hotel room that I will either not sleep in that night or only sleep there for a few hours.

Watching the game. Left to Right: Alex, Wolfie, Michael, Ela. I like this picture too.

I bought everybody a baseball as a reminder of today.

This is L. She’s been taking care of Sunkist and Oreo for the past 3 months. She texted me earlier today before the game. She likes to run and is going to run the hills around where I live. I think Sunkist and Oreo like her better because she plays with them more. Her facial expressions and mannerisms remind me of the actress Emma Stone.