Sunset District

The Sunset district in SF is where my parents live. They have a house about 8 blocks from the beach. This is one of the coffee shops that I like to go to when I return home after a long day at the office.

This is the end of the line for the N Judah streetcar. Behind me is the beach. It nice living this close to the ocean but not when it’s windy and cold.

This next pic is from the mission district southwest of downtown SF. There are colorful murals everywhere in the city.

There’s a coffee shop nearby called coffee-bar. The coffee and food is excellent.  I also bought a coffee mug.  I like to collect them.

I prefer simple designs. I have a few in my collection from places I’ve been to.

Look at the little dog.  It was a foggy and cool morning with a slight sprinkle.  He was shivering.