Black Friday

I heard there were 7000 people waiting for the doors to open at Macy’s department store in downtown San Francisco.  This is Union Square.  Ice skating rink is popular with the kids.  You can see the PETA demonstrators above the center staircase.  SPCA was also there trying to get people to adopt some kittens.  I took this picture from the top floor(7th?) of Macy’s department store.


Last year, PETA demonstrators dressed up as animals and placed themselves in cages. Here’s what they’re doing this year.  Even the police officers were taking pictures.

I started my walk at Westfield mall. I remember when the BART station underground was a large empty space. It’s now filled by Westfield mall shops.  Above ground, as usual, a man with a loud speaker is telling people they are sinners.  This is a major hub of activity. The cable car turnaround is here and people wait in line to ride the famous cable cars up and down the hills of San Francisco. This is a great way to get to pier 39.

I walked to Grant street where the main entrance to Chinatown is located.

On my way there, I saw this…

There’s supposed to be one million people living in the blocks that make up Chinatown.

North beach is at the northern end of Chinatown. It’s comprised of many fine Italian restraunts.

This picture was taken on Broadway street. On the left, you can see the Transamerica building.

This next picture is my favorite alley. The walls of the buildings are covered with murals. At the end of the alley on the left is the famous City of Lights bookstore.



Look at the center window. Someone is drying meat and laundry. Sometimes I forget that some of these buildings are old and don’t have room for a washer/dryer.





As I continued onward thru Columbus street thru Northbeach, some tourists had just exited a muni bus and a lady said to the others, “anyone want a hand wipe?”. The reply, “yes, I’d like one. That bus smelled like pee.”

Look at the white sign…

There is no side door.

The next picture was taken the next day. I’m above the Broadway tunnel which connects Van Ness avenue with Chinatown and Northbeach. I decided to walk over instead of thru the tunnel. It was a workout.


I finally made it to Ghirardelli square. As usual, there were lots of people here today.

I had not eaten anything yet. For my first meal of the day I decided to go with the crab cakes. It was a good choice!

The crabs were fresh.

I decide to walk along the piers back towards Market street. The embarcadero freeway used to be here. It got damaged by the earthquake and the city decided not to rebuild it. Good choice.

This is the bay bridge. It’s being replaced. The toll booths on the Oakland side is crazy. There’s about 20 booths and all the lanes converge into 5 lanes. You have to pay attention because your lane will converge with both the left and right lanes. I almost got squashed a few times.

This is new. I was these things zipping around town. There a computer inside that tracks where you are. When you enter an area of importance, it activates a recording. gocars

This is the ferry terminal. The inside has been converted. Shops and restraunts now line the inside of this building.

In front of the ferry building, occupy sf have set up their tents.




This is the famous street corner Haight and Ashbury.  This is where the hippie movement originated.

Sometimes I feel that there’s not one level street in this city! The colors of the houses are so vibrant in SF.  Haight street is lined with boutique shops, pipe shops, restraunts, and coffee shops.  It’s a nice place to window shop for things you would not normally find at the mall.


More murals in the Haight district.


This next picture was taken from Buena Vista Park on Haight street.

You’re probably wondering how I take these amazing wide angle photos with my iphone.  I use a program called AutoStitch.

Boudin Bakery on the Wharf.

Alcatraz.  I’ve never been there.

At the Ferry Building….woman walking on glass.

There’s always a protest somewhere in San Francisco.  They were chanting “No arctic drilling.  Save the polar Bear!”