Today at 12:01 pm, the Occupy Portland campers are being evicted.  They had been given 72 hours notice to leave and tonight is when they have to leave.  The crime and unsanitary condition in and around the park is getting to the level where it cannot be ignored anymore.  Their attempt to maintain a sustainable commune has come to an end.

The police presence around the park has increased when the eviction notice was issued. There have been reports of campers making weapons and gathering rocks and bricks to use against the police at 12:01.  Some people have been trying to clear the camp of anything that could be used as a weapon.   I walked around the campers this dreary afternoon.  I didn’t realize how much garbage there was under the tarps.  People have been clearing the trash into dump trucks this morning.

This next picture was the site of the kitchen.

I passed by the Right 2 Dream Too camp  on Burnside and 4th.  This camp is different than the Occupy camp.  There’s a map of the camp at the entrance which tells you where everything is.  They have a guard to prevent anyone from entering.  They’ve learned from the problems plagued by the Occupy camp.

Even in the rain… people line up to get a Voodoo donut.

I just noticed the “KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD” sign across the street when I uploaded this picture to my post.  The line moves to the right down the block and cuts back to the left and then turns into the shop.

I bought a new book called “One Player: What Will Become of Us” by Douglas Coupland. It was released in 2010. I’ve read one of his earlier books called “Generation X” which I enjoyed.  “One Player” is supposed to be a 5 hour novel.  Imagine a 5 hour lecture transcribed into a novel.  I hope I like it.

It’s 11 pm and there are thousands of people gathering in the park.  The police have set up flood lights to illuminate the area.  As we near midnight, more and more people show up. News crews have taken root around the park too. I found a spot on the south side on the wall of a federal building.  I watched as people marched and chanted.  Bicyclists were circling the blocks; their numbers growing.

By 12 pm the police had circled the blocks, they held their position.  Car traffic was unusually high this time of night.  People wanted to do a drive by.  At 12pm cars started honking their horns and a loud cheer could be heard from the protestors.  As the minutes ticked there were no riots…people walked freely in and out of the park…it almost felt like a party.

The American flag… on the left is a police helicopter hovering over the park.  I took this picture while standing on the wall in front of the Justice building.