Hula Hoop

It was supposed to rain today. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and headed downtown again. Looks like a lot of other people had the same idea today.

I’m at the Saturday market and I met Skye. She is a “hooper” or hula hooper. I don’t think this adequately describes what she does. It’s simply amazing what she can do with a hula hoop. She’s a hippie. She has been performing for about 4 years and she makes it look very easy.

The sun was behind her head so the top half of the picture looks washed out. I should have moved to the other side of her. oh well…lesson learned. Skye grew up in Brookyn NY.
She started hooping after going to a festival and seeing a girl hula hoop. She thought, “I have to learn how to do that!”
She loves to read, goes to college full time, and works. “I don’t have too much time for hobbies except to hoop.”

The hula hoop was not invented in 1950. It’s been around since 500BC and it became popular world wide in the 1950’s.

She must do a lot of yoga. How can she maintain some of these positions and still make the hoop go round and round defies physics. In a fluid motion, she went from one position to the next without stopping or dropping the hoop as I snapped these pictures.

I superimposed the 4 pictures above into one image using the autostitch app on my phone. This is what I got. Cool!

I sat on the steps of the water feature. It’s turned off today. I’m enjoying my pierogi and sausage. A pierogi is polish and contains potatoe and cheese warpped in a thick wonton shell. It’s a boiled dumpling. I have been eyeing it for the last few weeks and today I finally tried it. Delicious!

From Taste of Poland.

This audio clip is the musician singing on stage. Saturday Market has two stages for musicians to perform and sell CD’s of their work.

The next picture was taken from The Burnside Bridge. The MAX line runs on these tracks thru the Saturday Market.

I walked thru the occupy portland camp again today. There had been reports of violence and drug use at the camp. I did see some people smoking something on one of the benches and coughing uncontrollably. Later, a kid walked past me and offered to sell me drugs. I texted PM and told him what had happened. His reply, “Just say no!” LOL. PM sent me a link this morning to a press release from the occupy media center. They realize that the violence and drugs is a distraction and is hurting their cause and are working to solve this problem.

This next picture is a community garden.

“Nobody for President 2012”

The game plan…

Information Center.

The sanitary condition is not bad but also not great. There were areas of the camp where garbage is piling up. It’s supposed to be cleaned up by volunteers. One person was setting up a wash station where one can wash their hands. He was securing a container to the armrest of a park bench with rope and stick.