Occupy This!

I was downtown again today.  I started at my usual spot at the parking garage near Director Park.  I got my Starbucks coffee and began my stroll.

This is a picture of two people playing chess at Director Square.

Next, I headed down to the Saturday Market, Powell’s Bookstore, Waterfront.  I took some pics and created some amazing panoramic shots.  I used an app called autostitch to merge the pictures.

I’m in the Pearl district on the Broadway Bridge.  The Amtrak station is on the right. Steel Bridge is on the left.  I love the colors.

The Fremont bridge is on the left.  Broadway bridge is on the right.

I like taking pictures of water towers.  I’m at the northern edge of the pearl district.

The next two pictures are of Tanner Springs Park in the pearl district.

The fish were swarming around a leaf that had dropped onto the pond.  They thought it was food so they all came out of hiding.

I’m on the waterfront next to the Willamette river.  In front of me is the Burnside bridge which is the dividing line between north and south.

I’m heading towards the Saturday Market which is on the south side of the Burnside bridge.

Burnside Bridge from the south side.  It’s almost 4 and the Saturday Market is winding down.

The Saturday Market is in an area of downtown called Old Town.

I was walking back to my car and strolled thru the Occupy Portland encampment.  They are occupying two park blocks on Salmon street and 4th.

I took a picture of some signs.  This one reads, “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

This is where the protestors get their food.  I learned (11/05) that my friend PM had delivered 140 lbs of food today.

I walked thru the the camp.  If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a homeless encampment.  There was no stench as reported on the news, but it had been raining so it smelled clean.

Written on 11/05: (When I walked thru the camp yesterday, I was thinking how this looked a little like a homeless encampment.  PM told me that the organizers have told the police to start directing homeless people to the camp so they can be fed.  Also crews of people will start to clean up the camp starting this weekend.  That must be why it didn’t smell bad as reported.)

Just north of the camp, the hippies were playing music and dancing.