Just Another Saturday

I spent another afternoon downtown. Directer park, Saturday Market, Powell’s Bookstore, Starbucks, and then Pioneer Square. It’s two days away from Halloween and there are people stolling the strees of diwntown Portland while wearing costumes.

At Saturday Market I snapped a picture of the Occupy Portland protestors as they crossed over the Burnside bridge chanting, “We’re 99%! We’re 99%!”

This next picture is the fountain at the saturday market and it was taken in the summertime.

…Nice hat! Were you really looking at the hat? It’s an odd things to find at the Saturday Market.

Later that day, the 1% were making their way across Pioneer Square chanting, “I like it on top!” They were waving signs protesting “hippie greed.” At first, I thought it was a gay rights march. But as they got close enough for me to read the sign, I realized what it really was.

It was a smaller group, but what did you expect. They represent the 1%.

As I ate my lunch at Pioneer Square, I noticed two girls in their halloween costumes.

There’s a homeless encampment on Burnside street and 4th. Some people just need a place to pitch a tent.

There have been reports that the Occupy Portland Camp reeks and that one can smell the stench 1 to 2 blocks away.

I didn’t notice any odors from the Right to Dream Too camp.

Doors line one side of the encampment on the Burnside street side.

Here’s what it looks like on the open side.This next picture is the line of people waiting to get their Voodoo donut. Everytime I come here there’s a line of people. They must have a “special” ingredient. I’m not a big fan of donuts in general. My favorite is the plain donut with just a hint of sweetness.

The next pictures are of Director Park. The white building is Fox Tower. There’s a movie theatre in this building.