Guess who I met today. I was downtown this afternoon on my way to Starbucks across from Powell’s bookstore to finish reading Vol 7 of Bakuman.

Abigail was all set to take a Greyhound bus to Colorado Thursday, but they would not sell her a ticket because she had her stuff loaded loosely in her shopping cart. The ticket agent said she needed a bag.

She was working in front of Powell’s bookstore this afternoon. There were a lot of people downtown today because of the “occupy portland” protest and people were picking up their timing chip and bib numbers for the Portland Marathon Sunday morning. She was on fire! She struck the keys with determination and passion. I could hear the keys striking the paper from across the street as I read my book and sipped my coffee. There’s something very satisfying when hearing the sound of a real typewriter. Lots of people wanted poems today. tap tap…tap tap tap…tap tap.

The following sound clip is not Abigail’s typewriter. I found it online. The violin player was recorded on a different day and I merged the two sound clips into one. The violin player in the clip is the same person that was playing today.

As I sat there at the Starbucks, I learned about the Renaissance Bulldog. The person sitting next to me had a Bulldog and many people stopped to ask questions. They are descended from the English Bulldog which was bred for dog fighting. The English Bulldog breed was created in the 1600’s in England. Bred for “bull baiting”, one bulldog would be chained to a stake and several other bulldogs would be allowed to attack it. Laws were passed in 1835, prohibiting this bloodsport. As a result there was no need for them so their population declined. The breed was saved by people interested in dog shows. These fanciers attempted to breed out the aggressiveness of the original English Bulldog. The result is the Renaissance Bulldog.

Abi packed up her typewriter and headed across the street to get coffee or maybe tea from Starbucks. I was sitting at one of the tables in front of the store and she smiled as she passed. I stopped her and gave her my number. I still owed her Bakuman Vol 1 and I had cleaned my car the night before so the bag of books I had been carrying around for a month were at home.

Did you know that there is an electrical outlet at the base of the tree in this picture. I could charge my phone at this tree! How outrageous is that?

Actually, all the trees on this block have an outlet. I guess it’s for Christmas lights. Look at the grate. The city spent a lot of money to do this.

…or it’s used to power laptops. (Picture taken 10/22)