I’m tired of walking.  My pups are sore and need a rest.  Last night I saw the movie True Grit.  This was a good movie.  Hailee Steinfeld’s performance was very good.  I loved the dialogue between Hailee, Jeff Bridges, and Matt Damon.  Matt Damon was talking about the movie the night before on Letterman and that’s what made me decide to see it.

The concession stand is different here.  Along with the standard popcorn, pretzel, and hotdogs, they have pizza, tacos, and…, poutine.

Poutine is a mixture of fries, cheese and gravy.  Don’t call it french fries.   At first I thought the gravy was maple syrup as they were pouring it on.  I thought to myself, “oh no!  WTF!  Why do the Canadians have to put maple syrup on everything?”    As I reluctantly put it into my mouth, I was delightfully surprised.  I almost threw it away without tasting it.  Thank the French.  Aye?

This is Finch’s Tea House on the corner of Homer and Pender Street.  There are several Hostels in this area.  There’s one above this Tea House.  The Victorian Hotel is on the opposite corner to the right.

The east side of downtown is filled with homeless people, drug dealers and users, and vagrants.  During the day they congregate around this one block on Hasting street not too far from the hotel.    Tonight on my way back to the hotel, I almost ended up in the middle of a fight between a dope head and homeless man.  The instigator was speaking english but I couldn’t understand anything he was screaming.  A chair went flying and I almost dropped my dinner.  The first night in town I was watching a newscast on the TV and the news was about how the syphilis epidemic was not getting better in Vancouver.  The next story in the newscast was about salmonella in sesame seeds.   What other disease or bacterial problems do the Canadians have?  Another disturbing piece of information I learned about Canadians is that they love the new KFC double down sandwich.  The one with two patties of chicken with melted cheese and bacon in between…, no bread.  Why?

Downtown Vancouver BC was nice to visit.  This time of year is supposed to be the off season so the foot traffic wasn’t too crazy and hotel prices were reasonable.  But still there were a lot of tourists.  Food prices seemed to be on the expensive side.  For three days I was amazed by the gas prices until I realized that it’s not $1.20 per gallon…, it’s $1.20 per liter.  That’s insanely expensive.  Aye!  I was thinking of fueling up but I decided to wait till I get back to Washington.