Cafe Crepe


Wow.  What a great little hotel.  I love the crown moulding and skylight in my room  This room has character.  Two radiators heat the room.  I didn’t use it even though it was cold at night.  Not all rooms have a private bathroom, but mine did.  A private bath will cost you twice the cost of a room without one.  This place is definitely not a box like the one I stayed in last night.

this is the he Victorian Hotel in the daytime.  The walls are a little thin but the hotel is clean.  I’d definitely come back again.


Gastown is a historic neighborhood with a lot of boutique shops, coffee shops, and restaurants.  The steam clock is a popular tourist attraction located at the corner of Water and Cambie.  This is the worlds first steam powered clock and it’s supposed to be accurate.  You can see it coming out the top.  It’ll also toot a song


I went here earlier today because I took a wrong turn downtown and couldn’t get out of my lane.  I ended up going thru Stanley Park and then across a bridge into North Vancouver.  Capilano Park is actually very close to downtown.

The Capilano Bridge is a 450 foot long cable suspension bridge that spans the Capilano canyon.  I got there around 11am so there wasn’t a lot of people crossing the bridge.  Canadian wake up late.   But in the afternoon it was packed and very very bouncy from all the foot traffic.


OMG!  This was my favorite place to eat on this trip.  Cafe Crepe is located on Robson street and Burrard which is a shopping district with a lot of shops and restaurants.  Thai, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, American…, it was all there.  It’s definitely designed for tourists.  Back to Cafe Crepe…, I had the ham, swiss cheese, and egg crepe.  I could eat these for every meal.

People stop at the front window to see the crepes being made.  There are two categories of crepes: savory and sweet.  The word “savory” reminded me of Guinevere.  She asked me once if I preferred savory or sweet.  Although the chocolate and banana crepes looked good, I chose the savory crepe.

They pour one scoop of batter onto middle of the hot plate and use a wooden stick, that almost looks like a hockey stick, to spread the batter.  The stick is rotated around the center of the hot plate until the batter spreads to the outer edge of the hot plate.  In the background, they are adding the chocolate and bananas.

Don’t leave Vancouver until you’ve tried one.

The best. Aye!