Northern Border

This was my first border crossing.  Apparently, traveling to Canada just because I want to see what it’s like is not a  highly suspicious reason for coming to Vancouver.  I was immediately flagged by the border agent and had to park my car to be questioned further.

So I waited in line inside.  There were a bunch of people at the far end of the building waiting.  So the Border agent called me to the desk and took my DL and asked me some questions.  She immediately accused me of being nervous.  Rather than argue, I agreed and said “because this has never happened to me before.”  She took my cell phone, keys, and wallet and I was told to empty my pockets.  All I had was $1.05 in my pocket.

AGENT: “Is this all the money you have?”

ME:   “No, I think I have $20 in he car.”

AGENT:  “Do you know what we’re looking for?”

ME:  “Drugs and weapons?”

AGENT:  “and money.”

AGENT: “Why are you so nervous?”

It became apparent to me that they cannot search my car without cause.  This was their way in.  They probably thought I had money or drugs in the sleeping bag I had in the back seat.  Oh by the way, they also go thru your phone…, thru my contact list…, and thru my text messages.  I guess they wanted to know if I had called anyone in Vancouver.

I heard that French Canadians like cheese and they eat babies for dinner!

As I was sitting and waiting for then to finish searching my car, I thought what if they don’t let me into Canada?  Would I be able to get a refund at the hotel?  The wait wasn’t that long…, I was called back to the agents desk and she said I was good to go.  I collected my stuff and left to pick up my car.  About a mile away, I noticed that they had not closed my hood all the way and it was bouncing a little.  I didn’t want to stop cause there were so many cars behind me and the shoulder seemed too narrow.  The hood is pretty heavy and I really wasn’t too concerned that it would fly open.

I made it to Downtown Vancouver but made a wrong turn and ended up on Granville Island.  A popular tourist and local activity spot.  One way in.  Same way out.  You can imagine what it was like to drive thru at rush hour.