Bye Bye Alaska

My flight leaves at 8pm tonight so the plan was to drive someplace to kill some time but the battery died in my rental.  I called Avis and they sent someone out to give me a jump.  The guy that showed up saw the damage to the car told me to call Avis as soon as possible.  I guess they thought I may have been involved in a hit and run.  They asked me a lot of questions and when I was leaving town.  Luckily I had bought additional insurance when I rented the car.

This was taken at the terminal in Fairbanks.  You’ll never have to run to a gate in Fairbanks because there are only 6 gates total.  The sun is at it’s highest point in the sky…, and it’s gonna set in two hours.

Me and my lucky bear.  I’m exhausted.  I’m getting ready to take a 6 hour nap at the gate.  I’m glad and sad that the trip is over.  I want to come back to Alaska again…, winter and summer.

Sighting Statistics:

  • Bears: 0
  • Moose: 2
  • Huskies: 10+
  • Wolves: 0
  • Foxes: 1
  • Rabbits: 0
  • Cute girls: 3
  • Mouse: 1 (dead)
  • Car Accidents: 3 including my own
  • Aurora Borealis: 0
  • Crows: 2 (they were the size of large hens)
  • Starbucks: 2 (inside Safeway)
  • UFO: 0
  • Bus: 1
  • Chai (non-Starbucks): 18 consumed
  • Chai (Starbucks): 2 consumed