Chena Hot Springs

If you’re going to Alaska, you have to stop at one of the many hot springs.  After sleeping in the car in sub zero conditions, I decided to go to the Chena hot springs.  I should have gotten a massage but I was too chicken.

This one is reserved for the ducks.  The one for people costs $10.  You can leave and return as many times as you want between 9 am and midnight.  The outdoor spring is for adults only.  There’s also an indoor pool and hot tub which is fed by these springs.  The temperature got up to 120 degrees.  I floated in the spring for about three hours. It was fun to see everyone with “ice hair”. Getting to and from the outdoor spring was painful with bare feet.  No shoes allowed.  oweeee! Why?

I bought a caribou skin and dream catcher at the gift shop.  I later sent the skin to my mom and dad.  A moose skin would have been better but I guess they’re not in season.  I did see two moose while driving to Chena.  How do you pluralize moose?

Chena is also famous for it’s ice museum.


Ice Samurai.

A functional ice toilet.  You can use it, but you also have to clean it.

There’s actually real food at Chena Hot Spring Resort.  I just thought this menu at the coffee shop was amusing.  My choice would be Red Baron.  The barista girl working tonight is super cute!  After the ice museum, I went back to the coffee shop to try to flirt with her.  She makes an excellent chai.  Crap!  My flirting skills aren’t that great and needs much work.  Oh well.  After the ice mueseum tour I went back to the coffee shop to see if she was still working.  Couldn’t tell if she was flirting with me or not.  She gave me a free coffee for the road.  I’ll have to go back someday.

Visit their website to see other activities they have to offer.  They have their own airport.  Planes take off for site seeing tours.  For those who want to rough it, there is a camp ground there too.  I think I was the only tourist camping in Alaska in the winter time.  I don’t think their campground was open.

It’s really an amazing place.  They use the geothermal energy to generate all their electricity.  They even have their own greenhouse for growing vegetables.

No vacancy tonight.  Too many Japanese tourists.  Back to Fairbanks.