It’s the morning after my attempt to walk to the bus. It’s time for plan B. I made a phone call to the lodge but no answer yet. I spent the rest of the day around town and at the visitor center at Denali park.

I don’t know why, but every time I’m on vacation, I want to quit my job. My Hawaii resignation letter was the first. I have it posted at my desk if anyone wants to see it. After a few minutes the logical part of my brain chimes in and stops me from sending it to my boss. I listened to an interesting program on NPR recently about the emotional and logical parts of the brain. In a study, people were asked to remember a number anywhere from 1 to 7 digits. After memorizing the number, they were asked to go to another room and repeat the number from memory. As the people left one room to go to the other, they were stopped by one of the assistants who offered the participant of the study either a chocolate cake or some fruit. The results were interesting. Almost all the people who had to remember the longer number chose the chocolate cake and vice versa. It turns out that the subconscious or the emotional part of the brain always wants the chocolate cake, but the logical brain will come up with reasons to not choose the cake. These two parts of the brain are always fighting each other. It only takes 7 numbers to create enough of a distraction for the emotional brain to win.

Here are some pics of the frozen recreation center in Healy.

Here’s a picture of the frozen water.

I walked out onto the lake a little further and started to cut a hole in the ice. I’m on the lake looking back at my car.

This is a picture of Mount Healy. I’ll be on the other side of that mountain later today and tomorrow.

Next, I went to the Denali Park visitors center. I spent some time watching a 15 minute film about the park and talked to the ranger. I told him my story about my attempt to hike to the bus. He listened without judgment.  Then he showed me a map and pointed out a route from Denali park that would take me thru one of the rivers that cut thru the mountain.  He explained that it would probably be too dangerous.  I left the visitor center and decided to drive south to the next town in search of a pizza hut or something familiar. Take note…, just because the town is on the map does not mean there’s going to be more than just a gas station. The town of Cantwell is the next town just south of Denali. When I got there, I expected there to be shops and restaurants but all I saw was a gas station. If there was something else there, they hid it well.

Cold and hungry for real pizza, I headed back to Healy..