Bye Bye Portland! Hello Alaska!

Travel days are always hectic for me.  I think it’s because I never do a good job packing my stuff the days before I have to leave.  There’s always something I forget or have to do which makes travel day a mad dash to to the gate.  I wasn’t paying too much attention when I was buying all my gear for this trip.  The night before, I realized that I did not have enough room in my pack.  I had bought a 22L day pack to attach to the outside of my 60L pack.  But this was still not enough.  I had to leave my snow shoe and water purifier behind, plus a lot of other things.  But my pack was still too heavy.

I left work at 4 to beat the traffic which was unusually light.  I missed two shuttles because my pack was so heavy.  I have to get rid of the wood pellets once I get to Fairbanks.  That would lighten the load by 10 pounds.  I struggled to checkin with my packs and decided that I did not want to carry anything onto the plane except for my good luck teddy bear and “man bag”.  $15 for the first pack.  $25 for the second pack.  Ouch.  Wasn’t expecting that.

I was wearing my Mountain Hardware Compressor Pants.  When I went thru security, I was flagged to be searched because my pants were too puffy.  This was a first for me.